How We Grow 

To fulfill our mission to be “a growing employee-owned company of diversified and innovative businesses," Woodward Communication's strategy is twofold:

Embrace Innovation & Organic Growth

WCI has a long history of encouraging employee owners to share ideas that will deliver customer value. In fact, 89% of WCI employee owners agree that their manager is open to hearing their opinion or feedback. Insights from our ESOP owners have led to the adoption of new technologies and expanded client services.

Make Strategic Acquisitions

We look for ways to diversify our portfolio and create synergistic growth opportunities.

  • First and foremost, we consider whether or not a company is a good cultural fit for WCI. We must share the same core values.
  • Since our divisions operate with a high degree of autonomy, we also consider whether a business has a strong leadership team, or one that could be developed into a strong group of employee owners.
  • A solid financial picture is important in any company acquisition. This includes either current financial benchmarks or a visible path to success.