Woodward’s strategy for growth is:

  • Innovation and organic growth

WCI has a long history of developing and introducing new products and services to the marketplace to meet our customer’s and client’s needs. We will continue this tradition as we create and adopt new methods of sharing ideas, information and messages for the communities we serve.

  • Acquisitions

We are always looking for ways to diversify our portfolio and create operational efficiencies that benefit our stakeholders.

  1. First and foremost, we consider whether or not a company is a good cultural fit for Woodward. It’s important to share the same values, beliefs and core principals in business.
  2. We also consider whether a business has a strong leadership team, or one that could be developed into a strong group of employee owners.
  3. A solid financial picture is important. This includes either current financial benchmarks or a viable vision of how the business will succeed. 

Our primary focus is on our core media offerings and media-related businesses and services. However, we are open to considering companies outside our core if the culture, leadership and financial elements are all in place.