Woodward Community Media publishes five paid weekly newspapers. These community-focused products engage readers and provide news and information that matters on a local level. The combined weekly distribution of these publications is 12,800.



Cascade Pioneer

The Cascade Pioneer is proud to be the hometown newspaper of the Cascade area. Since 1889, it has provided weekly information featuring hyper-local news, sports and advertising to those interested in what is happening in the area.

Dyersville Commercial

The Dyersville Commercial is the official paper of seven communities across three counties. The Dyersville Commercial has been proudly serving the area since 1873 as the local newspaper. Over 10,000 readers look forward to receiving their newspaper weekly to keep up on the latest news and sports in the area, as well as local advertising and information. 


Manchester Press

The Manchester Press was acquired by WCI in 2015, but has been serving Manchester and Delaware County since 1871. It is a sister paper to the Dyersville Commercial and Cascade Pioneer, covering that part of the state with local stories and advertising. Publisher Mary Ungs-Sogaard has reinstated an editorial page in the paper, giving voice to local opinion. With over 6,000 readers in a county seat community, the Manchester Press staff has plans to grow and develop digitally in the next few years.

Oregon Observer

The Oregon Observer, established in 1880, serves "The Horse Capital of Wisconsin" - Oregon (a village with a population in excess of 6,000) - and the nearby rural community of Brooklyn. Founded in 1841 as a transportation cross roads, Oregon quickly became a rail and agricultural center. The village was the first in the nation to erect a World War I monument. Published each Thursday, the Oregon Observer is a subscription paper that is delivered via the U.S. Postal Service. The newspaper was acquired by Woodward Communications, Inc. in 1998.

Stoughton Courier Hub

The Stoughton Courier Hub was purchased by Woodward Communications, Inc. in 1993. The Courier Hub traces its roots in the community to 1879. Stoughton is a popular "bedroom community" located southeast of Madison and northwest of Janesville. Known for its annual Syttende Mai festival and Norwegian heritage, the city celebrated the re-opening of its "crown jewel," the 100-year-old Stoughton Opera House Feb. 22, 2001. A subscription paper, the Courier Hub is mailed to subscribers each Thursday.

Verona Press

The Verona Press was founded in 1965. The Verona Press was acquired by Woodward Communications, Inc. in 1998. Originally a mill town and stage coach stop, Verona is a fast-growing community located five miles southwest of Madison. The Press played a key role in establishing the town's nickname, "Hometown USA," during the Vietnam war when soldiers looking at the paper thought the community seemed like an ideal hometown.

Free Community Papers

Woodward also publishes several Free Community Papers that, in many instances, cover 100% of the homes in the communities they serve. These papers carry local offers, sales and deals that get the attention of consumers across the region. The community papers are a must-have for deal seekers. The distribution of these publications is 113,500 which includes:


  • Eastern Iowa Shopping News, based in Dyersville, IA.
  • Grant, Iowa, Lafayette Shopping News, based in Platteville, WI
  • Wisconsin-Iowa Shopping News, based in Prairie du Chien, WI
  • Richland Center Shopping News, based in Richland Center, WI
  • Great Dane Shopping News, based in Verona, WI



Offering tower space rental to other broadcast or telecom providers.

Our tower sites feature full time management by Steve Brown, an SBE certified broadcast engineer. Steve has 35 years of experience in broadcast engineering and tower site management.


Steve also has two additional engineers on staff for assistance and response to emergencies on a 24/7/365 basis. Current broadcast tenants include WHID, WDUZ, WOGB, WORQ, WEMY, 3ABN, WOVM, WRVM and others. Current mobile and telecom tenants include companies like T Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, 4X Communications and more.



We own the following locations:



Ground Elevation




Appleton, WI 750' AMSL 490' AGL 1037794 44-15-37.0 N
88-22-0.0 W
DePere, WI 960' AMSL 1040' AGL 1037793 44-21-32.0 N
87-59-7.0 W
Denmark, WI 743' AMSL 420' AGL 1035560 44-20-30.0 N
87-47-10.0 W
Menasha, WI 745' AMSL 187' AGL 1243276 44-13-2.4 N
88-24-38.9 W
Seymour, WI 780' AMSL 340' AGL 1057461 44-31-26.0 N
88-19-54.0 W
Stockbridge, WI 1014' AMSL 180' AGL 1042750 44-04-20.0 N
88-15-27.0 W

Contact Steve Brown for more information at 920-831-5659 or sbrown@wcinet.com.

Core Principle:

Recruit, develop, empower and retain motivated employee owners who identify opportunities and create solutions that benefit customers, WCI and the communities we serve.


"I belong to a strong company with a great team of employees working hard every day to bring quality work to our customers."

Joan Schuster, Job Recruitment Specialist